'Bri Paddy 87' has given hope to Dinajpur.


In Dinajpur, the northern grain store, early-season brie paddy has awakened hope among farmers. As it is short-term and drought tolerant, the cultivation of this variety is profitable, said the concerned. The newly invented Brie Paddy 87 a high yielding variety of rice will yield one tonne per hectare more than conventional rice during the aman season.

The farmers are happy to be able to harvest this paddy in advance and also to get good yield and price of this paddy. After harvesting this paddy, various winter vegetables including potato and mustard are being cultivated in the abandoned land. This is increasing the density of crops in the land.

Bidhan Krima Mahanta, a farmer from Ramdubi area of ​​Sadar upazila in Dinajpur, has planted high yielding 'Brie Paddy' on two acres of land for the first time. He told this reporter that if the paddy is cut and weighed, the yield per hectare is more than the conventional paddy in the aman season.

Not only Krishak Bidhan Krima Mahanta, but also a number of farmers in Dinajpur have cultivated Brie Paddy 87. for the first time this year. The farming community is happy to get good yield in this paddy cultivation.

Brie paddy: The yield of the new variety is six and a half tons per hectare. Cultivation of this paddy is similar to other transplanted aman paddy. As the stems of the trees are strong and the yield is high, the paddy has quickly become popular among the farmers. This was stated by Dinajpur Sadar Upazila Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Enamul Haque.

He said that there has been a lot of enthusiasm and enthusiasm among the farmers for the cultivation of Chikan Aman paddy of the new Bri-87 variety invented during the aman season. Because it is very easy to sell Chikan variety Aman paddy at a higher price. Storekeepers, flat owners and moneylenders are eagerly buying from farmers.

This thin variety is grown on high ground but yields as expected. Moreover, if Bri-87 variety of paddy is cultivated by calculating the time interval, after harvesting the paddy at the prescribed time, various pulse crops including mustard, lentils and gram can be planted.

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute-Brie Applied Research Department Chief Scientific Officer and Head of the Department. Humayun Kabir said, Bri-87 variety of aman paddy is being cultivated by the farmers in different parts of the country from Bangladesh Paddy Research Institute in 2016 after determining the lifespan after testing the yield.

Dr. Humayun said the lifespan of Bri Dhan 87 is seven days shorter than that of Bri Dhan 49. Yield is one ton per hectare more than Brie paddy 49. Bri-87 variety of thin paddy yields up to 27-30 manas per 33% of the land. The lifespan of Swarna rice is 145 days and that of Bri-87 Chikon Aman rice is 127 days.

Bri-87 variety of fine aman paddy can be harvested 15 days before harvesting of golden paddy. The average height of a full grown paddy plant is 122 cm, the stem of the paddy plant is hard, the tree is tall but does not fall down However, due to natural disasters, there is a risk of falling due to strong winds.

The leaves are light green, the dig leaves are erect and longer and wider than the Brie 49 variety. The stems and leaves are green during ripening, the size and shape of the rice is very long, the amylose of this rice is 27 percent. The lifespan of Bri87 is seven days shorter than that of Bri-49 and the yield is also higher. There has been a huge response among the farmers for the production of thin long varieties of paddy.

In order to increase the cultivation of Brie Paddy-87, farmers are also advised to conserve seed training.

Boro can be cultivated very easily according to the prescribed season time and by cutting mustard. The Bri-87 Chikon variety of rice developed by the Rice Research Institute has given hope to the farmers in Dinajpur.

The lifespan of Bri87 is seven days shorter than that of Bri-49 and the yield is also higher. There has been a huge response among the farmers for the production of thin long varieties of paddy. This year, 52 farmers in 13 upazilas have been successful in cultivating this variety of paddy in 150 hectares of land.

It has been seen on the ground that most of the farmers have achieved great success by cultivating ‘Brie Paddy’. Their success is now the inspiration of many. If the cooperation of the concerned department continues and if the price of this paddy is good, then the scope of cultivation of this ‘Brie Paddy 87’ will increase further, the concerned people are commenting.

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