China appoints new commander in Ladakh


Indo-China tensions continue on the Ladakh border. Meanwhile, China has appointed a new general as the head of the Western Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army. This PLA command is responsible for security on the Indo-China border.

The High Command of the PLA in China is the Central Military Commission (ECMC). The CMC is headed by President Xi Jinping himself. Now there are about 20 lakh people employed in PLA. Jinping appointed General Zhang as the commander of the Western Theater Command.

Not much is known about this Jan Judong. He has previously served as the PLA's other theater commander. In addition to Jan Judong, four other army officers have been promoted to the force. Prior to Judong, Zhao Jungki was the head of the Western Theater Command. Jangki is 65 years old. The militant was still at the top of the command when Indian and Chinese forces clashed in Doklam in 2017.

Tensions between India and China have been simmering on the Ladakh border since last May. Despite repeated talks at the military and diplomatic levels, no solution was forthcoming. The two countries discussed on December 18, where both countries agreed to reduce troops on the border.

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