Mia Khalifa's cry


Former porn star Mia Khalifa posted a picture on social media Instagram showing her crying. He is not limited to just pictures. He is crying even when he comes in the live video. But at first it was not clear why he was crying.

After finishing the first video, Mia shared another live. That's where the reason for her crying was known. NBA star basketball player John Wall has changed his team and his fan Mia Khalifa is crying.

Mia, a longtime fan of the Washington Wizards. His favorite player John Wall also played in this team. John recently joined the Houston Rockets team from the Washington Wizards. Mia Khalifa could not accept the matter. That is why he was seen crying.

Mia first posted on the microblogging site Twitter. "I am very sorry to announce that I am no longer a supporter of the Houston Rockets.

Crying on Instagram, Mia said, ‘Ten years John Wall Bro, ten years! I can't remember what DC was like without Walk.

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