Mystery surrounding Popi's Facebook post


Mystery has been created around some of the Facebook posts of actress Poppy in recent times. Many of his fans are commenting against those posts, are you in love? If you see some posts of this heroine, it will seem like this to anyone. 

Suppose he writes in a post on the 12th of this month, yesterday is today's memory, but tomorrow is today's dream. Happiness is not all the wealth of the kingdom to be good, the true love of the king. Little love makes people happy. 

Such a gift is a lot to a girl. A beautiful moment 12-12-20. In another post, he writes, no one is born perfect for anyone, to be perfect in love.

Whatever the name of the relationship, not everyone gets the place of love. In another post, Poppy wrote without mentioning anyone's name, Happy Birthday to you. 

Emo of love with. Poppy's post then indicates a new relationship! Although the heroine laughed a little and said about the matter, no. Not so much.

She kept the secret. Meanwhile, Poppy is currently busy working on the film 'Bhalobasar Prajaprati'.

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