Uhan of the night is returning to his old mood


Uhan was the ground zero (origin) of the coronavirus. This city in China became a symbol of coronavirus. On January 23 this year, Wuhan became isolated from the rest of China. Strict lockdown was introduced to prevent coronavirus but it could not be stopped. Eventually the lockdown got up there. There were a total of 3,900 deaths from 4,634 coronary heart attacks in China.

Local people are slowly returning to normal life. Uhan of the night is returning to his old mood. No new corona infections have been reported in Uhan, a city of 11 million people, since May 10. So the people of Uhan have no objection to return to normalcy.

A photo published by the news agency Reuters shows a woman coming to a bar to attend a birthday party. She is busy wiping the birthday cake cream from her cheeks. But he does not have a mask on his face. Not only that, but countless masked party-goers are crowding the streets of Uhan.

After seven months of severe lockdown, people are returning to celebrate birthdays or other joys just like before.

 There is no difference between Corona's previous time and Uhan's bar. Not only this crowded bar but also the young generation of Uhan is gathering in the street food shops.

The main factor in their nightlife is the large number of students, artists and young workers in the region. Musician Wang Xinghao hosted a concert in Wuhan on Wednesday. A crowd of about a hundred spectators gathered at his concert. He also threw his coat while singing. He is writing songs about epidemic life.

I want to enjoy this time to the fullest," said Zhang, a young man at Wan's Beer Hall. Because no one can say when life will end. ”But local businessmen and restaurant owners are not so optimistic. According to them, it will take some time for them to fully recover from the financial losses caused by the lockdown throughout the year.

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