A World Health Organization delegation has visited the source of the coronavirus


The first hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, known as the origin of the coronavirus, admitted patients with the virus; The World Health Organization (WHO) delegation visited the hospital. In the morning, members of the WHO delegation spoke with Chinese scientists.

They then went to the Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Werston Medicine. In 2019, after treating an elderly couple, Zhang Jizian, head of a department at the hospital, reported coronary heart disease, according to Chinese state media.

This was the first government report of a virus in the country. The quarantine of the health agency delegation ended on Thursday after arriving in China. They came out for the first visit on Friday.

For two weeks, members of the WHO delegation will visit various labs, markets and hospitals in Uhan. After several complications with visas, a 10-member WHO delegation arrived in Uhan on January 14 to find the source of the coronavirus. Spread. Since then, the virus has been showing strength. Infections are increasing every day; The number of deaths due to this is also increasing.

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