Arrest of Raihan Hossain, one of the Bitcoin buying and selling fraudsters


RAB has arrested Raihan Hossain, 29, one of the ringleaders of a fraudulent online buying and selling virtual currency bitcoin. Various tools for this virtual fraud have also been seized from him.

A team of RAB-1 conducted the operation at Kaliakair in Gazipur late on Tuesday night.

RAB officials say Raihan has extorted millions of rupees from people by talking about selling bitcoins online. From that money he recently bought an Audi car for Rs 1 crore 7 lakh.

According to the RAB, some people have been buying and selling banned virtual currencies online in the country. The money earned through this is being smuggled abroad. Online patrolling was started through the RAB's cyber monitoring cell to identify the ring. Raihan, the ringleader of the gang, was arrested through further surveillance. Various electric devices including 19 fake national identity cards and 22 SIM cards have been seized from him.

RAB-1 Deputy Commander Major Gazi Ashikur Rahman said that the arrested person was cheating the common people by using online virtual currency bitcoins. He is accompanied by a Pakistani national. This cycle also involves money laundering and credit card hacking.

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