Business Successful Movie Gift- Apu Biswas


Apu Biswas is a popular heroine of Dhaliwood. His contribution to domestic cinema is not less. She has gifted many successful movies. Which is also getting results.

Although she has not been on the screen for a long time, her popularity has not stopped till now. The audience's interest in Apu is the same as before. Last year, the heroine is running with the goal of presenting herself anew.

For the first time, she surprised the fans by acting in a grant movie. Apart from this, Apu starrer 'Priyo Kamala' has recently got clearance. As she said earlier, this new path of his will not be an easy one.

Still trying. She is trying his best to keep himself fit and to be a character in the movie after taking care of his son Abraham. The video of her physical exercise on social media Instagram has shocked everyone.

Apu said, I will present myself in front of the audience in a new way. I have worked in two movies. In which ‘Dear Orange’ also got the censor.

And when 40 percent of the shooting is over, the work of 'Shadow Tree' will be over. The latest film released by Apu is 'Politics'. Directed by Bulbul Biswas, the film was released in 2017.

This heroine now has three pictures in her hand. Two of them are awaiting release. The two films awaiting release are 'Swasurbari Zindabad To' directed by Debashish Biswas and 'Priyo Kamala' directed by Shahriar Nazim Joy. In both the films, Apu has tied the knot with Bappi Chowdhury.

Last year, Apu teamed up with model-actor Nirber in the film 'Shadow Tree'. Incidentally, Apu did most of his career with Shakib Khan.

Now she is trying to work in partnership with other heroes.

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