China finally admitted that ‘India’s corona vaccine is good


As the Indian-made Kavid-19 vaccine has gained importance in a number of countries, China is finally acknowledging that "India's corona vaccine is definitely better." India is no less.

Jiang Chunlai, a scientist at Jilin University's School of Science, told India that China has a reputation for producing generic drugs, a spokesman for the Communist Party of China told the Global Times. Now the skill that the country is showing in making quid vaccine is not behind the Chinese craft.

Jiang Chunlai recently visited India Biotech. He said the Serum Institute of India is the largest institution in the world in vaccine production. They are stronger than some western countries in terms of production purity, fast delivery capability. Due to these reasons, the demand for Indian vaccines has been created in the world market. South Africa will receive 1.5 million vaccines from the Serum Institute. Brazil also wants this vaccine. Apart from this, several ASEAN countries including Malaysia have also placed orders for Indian vaccines. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised "our vaccine will be made available to all people."

India can use the 'HCQ model' to assist in the rapid acquisition of corona vaccine from different countries. Researchers have approved the use of 500 million HCQ (Hydroxy Chloroquine) tablets commercially in 82 countries in favor of using malaria drugs as an antidote to corona.

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