Enamul Haque Enam has called for the fall of the government with arms and sticks


Enamul Haque Enam, convener of Chittagong Patia Upazila BNP, has called for the fall of the government with weapons and sticks of the leaders and workers. He said this while exchanging views with Union BNP, Juba Dal and Chhatra Dal in Kachua of the upazila on Thursday night.

Recently Enam Upazila was nominated as the convener of BNP. There are multiple cases against him including murder.

Chittagong Superintendent of Police SM Rashidul Haque said, "The matter of the BNP leader's shout is being investigated." Then necessary steps will be taken.

It is learned that the leaders and workers of Kachua Union came to greet the newly nominated convener of Patia Upazila BNP Enamul Haque Enam. Enam spoke to them at this time. His statement is preserved in Bangladesh Pratidin. In that speech, Enam was heard to say that if this government is to fall, it will need weapons. It takes a stick. No one will come down empty handed. Because this country is run by a bandit government. Starting from the Union Parishad, all the places have been taken over by robbers. So if they are to be evicted, it must be done in a united manner. I have to jump. If an employee is hurt, hit them in a united manner. Only then will this Awami League government be ousted. Don't be afraid. Our government will come to power.

Although Enam's mobile phone was called more than once to find out about this, it was not possible to take his statement as he did not receive the call.

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