Esha Gupta has published a series of nude and half-naked pictures of herself in the net world

Actress Esha Gupta started her journey in Bollywood with the help of Mahesh Bhatt. She presented several successful pictures one after the other. 

The heroine was able to match herself perfectly with her beauty and glamor. But all of a sudden, she cut back on acting a couple of years ago. 

Even though she did TVC, his interest in new films decreased. Instead, she continued to publish his nude and half-naked pictures on Netdunia. 

As a result, Esha faced widespread controversy. However, she continued to publish bold pictures like himself, ignoring these criticisms.

As a result, his work in Bollywood is further reduced. Now the heroine has become very unemployed. His life has become reckless. 

She is still publishing bold pictures on Netdunia. Besides, she was seen at various parties in five star hotels. Again, with one partner at a time! 

According to a source close to Esha, she has no interest in acting. Sleeping during the day, partying with friends at night has now become his way of life. An Indian media outlet also reported on the matter. 

But Esha is not the person to pay attention to all this. She is living a comfortable life like himself. But is he dropping out of his Bollywood career? 

Such questions are coming back to the minds of Esha fans and well-wishers.

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