Joe Biden swears by his family's 127-year-old Bible


Today is an important day in the life of newly elected US President Joe Biden. Today, January 20, he is going to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. All preparations have already been completed for this. The Democrat leader will step on the green carpet and red carpet of the White House after taking oath. Will be accompanied by wife Jill Biden.

It is learned that Biden will touch the 127-year-old Bible of his family while taking the oath. The Bible has been used by Dr. Jill Biden, the father of the newly elected president, since 1893.

Note that George Washington, as the first US President, placed one hand on the Bible when he was sworn in. Later, almost all US presidents have their hands on the Bible when taking oaths. Although there is no set rule in this regard, everyone has accepted it as a custom. According to that tradition, Biden chose the family Bible.

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