Just a few hours, the end of 'politically' one political leader, 'crazy' Trump


And just a few hours! After that, the most powerful president in the world, Donald Trump, has to resign. Joe Biden is coming. The end is 'Kyapate' of a political leader, 'Khyapate' of Trump.

Trump is getting a full working day on Tuesday, local time. Biden will have half a working day until his swearing-in on Wednesday. As such, Trump is going to have his last day of finding his own way. A lot can happen on this day.

The BBC says Trump's last full term as president has already begun. His busy schedule at the White House is also extreme. He will be busy with various activities throughout the day. On this day, the president can sign a document to pardon about 100 people.

Analysts say Trump can pave the way for his own supporters, friends, political allies, relatives, family members and even himself.

According to international media reports, the administration has already taken strict action in the wake of the violent behavior of Trump supporters and the swearing in of Joe Biden. But they also have doubts.

Experienced politician Biden does not have much of a flair for the inauguration ceremony. He wants the corona not to spread further among the people. As a result, the inauguration ceremony will be limited, in accordance with the rules of hygiene.

The White House says President Trump will remain in office for the past few weeks and will remain in office for the last full working day. He will have to talk to many people on the last full working day and will also take part in the meeting.

Trump will take part in a last-minute farewell ceremony for Andrew Air Force Base staff and supporters before Biden's swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday. He will then fly to the Golf Club Residence in Florida for the last time.

President Trump was already spreading rumors surrounding the November 3 election. Repeatedly, there is a conspiracy to lose him. He has kept the news media hot by spreading various rumors and misinformation even during the election. But in the end, defeat was determined for him.

After losing the election, Republican Trump became more angry than during the election. He made the supporters excited at different times. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. On January 6, tensions began anew.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden's victory in the recent election was being held at the joint session of Congress at the Capitol, the building of the Legislative Assembly in Washington. The protest started at one stage. Later it turned into a clash. Five people were killed in the violence.

Even then, Trump and his supporters continue to seek the path of violence. They have been seen appearing in state councils with weapons. However, restrictions have been imposed across the country.

In such a situation, President Trump has to relinquish power. He is not present at the handover ceremony. Earlier, only three presidents had boycotted their rival's debut.

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