Kim's announcement is an advance threat to the upcoming Biden government


Tensions between North Korea and the United States have been simmering for years. This time, Kim Jong Un, the country's supreme leader, took part in a conference of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party. He announced plans to enrich nuclear arsenals and stockpiles, adding that plans for a nuclear submarine had already been completed.

Kim also claims, ‘North Korea’s biggest enemy is the United States. North Korea does not want to use nuclear weapons unless a hostile force first uses them against North Korea.

Kim has reportedly called for an end to North Korea's nuclear arsenal and military buildup. Analysts say Kim's remarks are an attempt to put pressure on the new US administration. Some say Kim's announcement is an early threat to the incoming Biden government.

Kim made the remarks just 11 days before US President-elect Joe Biden took office. Kim Jong Un has been embroiled in a war of words with US President Donald Trump since he came to power. Later, of course, good relations developed between them.

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