'Long live Pakistan' slogan in New Delhi


Two days before the Republic Day of India, the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad was chanted in the heart of the capital New Delhi. Police rushed to the spot after a group of bike riders chanted 'Pakistan Zindabad' on the road in front of Khan Market in New Delhi at midnight on Saturday. From there, two young men and three young women were detained after questioning.

When questioned by the police, the accused said that they came to see India Gate and that is why they rented Yulu bikes. On the empty streets, they were jokingly calling each other by country names while competing with each other. As one of them is a citizen of Pakistan, he was called 'Pakistan' and from there the slogan 'Pakistan Zindabad' was raised.

Police took the five accused to the police station for further questioning. A policeman said, "They (the accused) were calling each other's names while racing among themselves with the rented bikes." The slogan was Pakistan Zindabad jokingly. There is no addition of anti-national activities. They have been released.

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