Mahiya Mahi as the model for the music video


Popular actress Mahiya Mahi. His movie 'Nawab LLB' was released a few days ago. The movie 'Ananda Ashru' and 'Ashirbad' are awaiting release. 

She will be seen as a music video model for the first time outside of cinema. She has performed in the song 'Daga' sung by Dhruv Guha. Directed by Raihan Rafi. The music video for the song will be released in February or March. Besides, Mahi has recently signed 4 movies.

The movies are 'Jao Pakhi Balo Tare', 'Gangster', 'Live' and 'Narsundari'. Shapla Media will produce three of these movies. Looking at this list of work, it is understood that this heroine will be very busy this year. In this regard, Mahi said, I could not shoot for almost a year because of Corona. 

Now I want to increase the speed of work. So I picked up some movies. Liked the story, the script too. And Simon is my favorite co-star in all four movies. I feel comfortable working with him. To be contracted with these things in mind. 

The heroine is acting in different roles in 4 movies. Said, trying to understand the characters slowly. She is also making the necessary preparations before the shooting. 

In words, Mahi hints at being vocal in the OT. Said, OTT day ahead. Good offers are coming lately. The budget is also good. I can do something up front.

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