Shah Rukh Khan's new film stands at risk


A long break after 'Zero' in 2018. Finally, Shah Rukh Khan is returning to the screen holding the film 'Pathan'. The King Khan hero is currently shooting in Dubai. There, the Bollywood king was seen stunting at the risk of his life in need of a picture. A video was posted on Thursday by Shah Rukh-Gauri's production company Red Chillies Entertainment. King Khan's stunt came up there.

As it turns out, King Khan floated his whole body in the air from a high place at the risk of a kind of life. However, after jumping, he was seen climbing on the railing and coming up again. If you watch the video, it is clear that if you make a little mistake, a terrible danger could happen. Anyone who sees that will be shocked. The caption of the video reads, "Charlie's here to bless your feed with some swag". However, it is not known how much VFX has been done in the video.

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