The nuclear war between India and China is the most destructive for Asia


If there is a nuclear war between India and China, it could be the most devastating for Asia. This will move the Indo-Pacific region. Thousands of people will die on both sides. The whole world could be destroyed.

This war may be the worst, brutal but short-lived. This could be a catastrophic loss for the world economy. In terms of balance of power and geographical issues, it can be said that the two countries will not be involved in a war for fragile reasons. They understand it. That is why the country has not been involved in two wars for more than 50 years.

This is stated in a report titled 'A Chinese-Indian Nuclear War Wood Ruins the Whole Planet' in Online National Interest. The report is written by Kylie Mizokami.

Both countries do not adopt a "no first use" policy, the report said. As a result, there is less risk of war using nuclear weapons. Both countries have very large populations. Each country has at least 130 crore people. Like all modern wars, if a war breaks out between India and China, that war will be the best. In this case, there will be a fight on land, sea and air. However, land warfare will be limited due to geographical structure. The main battle will be in the air. In this case, both countries can use warplanes and missiles. If that happened then it would be a huge blow to both countries. In this case, a sea fight for India could be a trump card. Because, India has a single dominant position in the sea region. Fighting in this way could seriously damage China's economy.

If there is a war between India and China, it will not be like in 1962. If there is a war this time, both sides can go for a big operation in the air. Both countries have strategic strength in the air force, which is capable of flying to the area and completing missions and returning to their home countries.

The Indian Air Force is in a better position than China to face tough competition in air warfare against China. China deploys its Frontier troops at a distance. New Delhi is just 213 miles from Tibet. The Indian Air Force has 230 Su-30MK1 Flankers and 69 MiG-29 fighter jets. In addition, they have more sophisticated weapons in their hands. As a result, India is in a better position than China. India has the capability to fight a war on two fronts. On one front is the Pakistan Air Force. China on the other hand.

In addition, India is deploying air-medium-range air defense missile systems to protect air bases and high-value targets.

But India will not be able to stop the proliferation of China's massively destructive missiles. China could target half of northern India from missile units in Xinjiang and Tibet. Because India does not have a comprehensive anti-missile defense system. India has no means of stopping the loss of air and land resources to destroy missile launchers. India's most destructive missiles are dedicated to nuclear missions. It will not be used in conventional warfare.

But trade between Australia, Japan and the United States could be jeopardized if China were forced to push its ship into the Pacific Ocean. In this case, they can also go into action. Eighty-seven percent of China's oil needs are imported, especially from the Middle East and Africa. Because of this, China's energy reserves may be strained. They may face energy crisis for many days. As a result, China may want to end the war as soon as possible.

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