The second tunnel on the Kashmir border is of concern to India


The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) has claimed to have found a 150-meter-long underground tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir. This is the second tunnel found on the Kashmir border in the last 10 days. India has expressed concern over the incident.

Earlier on Saturday, they said that Pakistani intelligence was using it to infiltrate India after finding it. The BSF claims that Pakistan has built multiple underground tunnels in the border areas to allow militants into India. They embarked on a search for the tunnel on the basis of secret information.

The 39-meter-deep tunnel was later located between Border Post Nos. 14 and 15 near BSF's Pansar base in the border area of ​​Kathua district. At the other end of the border are Avial Dogra and Kingre-di-Kothe border posts in Shakargarh district of Pakistan.

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