The World Health Organization's expert team has finally arrived in China


An expert team from the World Health Organization (WHO) has arrived in Wuhan, China to investigate the source of the epidemic coronavirus. Earlier, China delayed the release of the expert for unknown reasons. The 10-member World Health Organization arrived in Uhan on Thursday.

A team of experts from Singapore arrived in Wuhan wearing a Hajmat suit (PPE) to meet with Chinese officials. The team is led by Peter Ben Mbarek. The experts will start working after being in quarantine for two weeks.

Peter Ben Mbarek, head of the expert team, said that according to Chinese immigration rules, they would first stay in a mandatory quarantine at a hotel. After two weeks we will meet with Chinese experts and go to different places. I don't think we can get a clear idea in the initial mission, but we will keep working. It can take a long time to fully understand exactly what happened.

Earlier, the World Health Organization had been trying for months to send an international team of experts to Wuhan, China. Last month, the WHO announced that an international investigation team of 10 scientists from different countries would visit Uhan in January 2021 to investigate the source of the corona. However, the investigation team could not go to China at the scheduled time earlier this month as China did not give permission. Eventually the team reached Wuhan, China.

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