What can be in the letter?


According to a long-standing U.S. tradition, the outgoing U.S. president leaves a letter in the drawer of the Oval Office for the next president. In that letter, the outgoing president gave advice to his successor on various issues. But in the midst of so much controversy and controversy, questions have been raised in various quarters as to whether Trump will leave such a letter for his successor, Joe Biden.

That being said, if left unchecked, there is no end to the curiosity about what might be written in the letter. Donald Trump will leave the White House as President on the morning of January 20. At noon, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Donald Trump used to show the guests a letter left by former US President Barack Obama. Where as a former predecessor, Obama wrote all the wonderful things to uphold democracy and the constitution of the country. He wished success to President Donald Trump.

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