Whoever wants will be vaccinated: Zahid Malek


Health Minister Zahid Malek has said that no one will be vaccinated by force. He said anyone who wants will be vaccinated. Frontline workers will be given priority first. He said this at a briefing at the secretariat on Sunday.

The health minister said 5 million coronavirus vaccines bought from India would arrive in the country on Monday. The vaccination program will be inaugurated on January 27 by vaccinating a nurse at Kurmitola Hospital in the capital. The Prime Minister will inaugurate this program.

He said the government had approved antibody testing for coronary tests. Antibody test kits can be imported privately. Vaccines brought to Bangladesh have fewer side effects than other vaccines. The vaccine will be administered in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines.

The health minister said no approval had yet been given for the Pfizer vaccine, adding that at some point a decision would be made on whether to vaccinate privately.

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