A rare species of snake was recovered from Kaliaganj Bazar area of Boda upazila


A rare species of snake has been recovered from Kaliaganj Bazar area of ​​Jhalaishalshiri union of Boda upazila. Experts said, the name of the snake is Red Coral Kukri. Md. Dabarbhanga New Hat village of Jhalaishalshiri Union. Sahidul Islam also rescued six more native species of snakes at the same time.

Borhan Biswas, an instructor at Venom Research Center at Chittagong Medical College Hospital, took the red coral cookery snake to Rajshahi and kept it at a conservation center. Upon receiving the news, local Sahidul Islam, an expert in snake and wildlife rescue, rescued seven small and large snakes of different species from there.

The snakes are: Red Coral Cookery 1, Dandash Snake 2, Guisap 1, Hele 2, Krishna Kalach 1. Among the rescued snakes, the Red Coral Cookery snake was injured while cutting the soil. After initial treatment, he was handed over to Borhan Biswas, an instructor at Venom Research Center from Chittagong. The other snakes were released in the presence of Forest Department officials. Borhan Biswas The bright orange and red coral red coral Kukri snake is a less venomous and harmless species.

It is one of the rare snakes. The snake is found 55 km south of the foothills of the Himalayas and 70 km east-west. The first such snake was seen in 1936 in Uttar Pradesh, India. Then in 2019, a red coral snake was seen again in Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh.

Besides, such snakes have been seen at different times in Mahendra Nagar of Nepal, Chitwan National Park, Nainital and Jalpaiguri in India. The snake got injured while cutting the soil with the machine.

After initial treatment, the snake was handed over to Borhan Biswas. Trainer and snake researcher Borhan Biswas Roman said that the new species of snake was seriously injured. The snake is currently kept at the Snake Rescue and Conservation Center in Rajshahi.

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