Absolutely another kind of story, Sohana Saba


Actress Sohana Saba is now busy with her own production company. She is preparing to make a web series and a movie from this organization called 'Khamarbari'.

Meanwhile, Saba has created a web series from this organization. The six-episode web series is called Twin Returns. The series is set to be released on the 'Bing' platform. Saba said it was built with a completely different kind of story.

Nowhere in the whole series will it feel boring, so to speak. I believe everyone will like it. Meanwhile, the new news is that Saba is preparing to make a new movie titled 'Jayita'. In the meantime, story selection and preliminary work is going on.

The actress said that she will start shooting with very good preparation. Regarding the film, Sohana Saba said, "Our new movie is called 'Jayita'."

The initial work of the movie has already been completed. The story is also excellent. All in all it will be a special surprise on my part for the audience.

Saba said about his plan, I am making various plans for my production company. I will build something different from here.

There is a desire to work across the current buzzer. Hopefully something good will happen.

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