An attempt was made to kill Bubli by hitting him with a car


Shabnam Yasmin Bubli was killed in a car crash on Thursday night. The heroine alleged that at least for the third time, an attempt was made to hit her car directly with the intention of killing her. Describing the incident, Bubli said, 'I was returning home last night (Thursday).

As I was returning home cautiously, as soon as I entered the road of the house, it seemed as if a stopped car was speeding to hit my car. Realizing the situation, my driver braked hard. Just couldn't imagine what was going to happen.

Earlier, an attempt was made to cause the same incident twice by car. Once before two days and once before the Corona epidemic. The same thing happened. I was convinced of last night's incident, although I was already aware of it.

I don't understand why this is happening to me, but I do understand that someone is trying to kill me. This effort is being made in many ways, not just by car. You can feel when something is going to happen to you.

I didn't think I would think about it at home before. But last night I was forced to say - because I could not be normal. The actress said, 'If I do not say it today - then it was seen that I died in a car accident - will continue to die in a road accident.

Little did anyone know that there was or was a subtle conspiracy and motive behind it. That's why I thought it was necessary to inform everyone.

That's why I wrote on Facebook. I may not be able to describe what happened to me. But a few times more horrible things have happened to me than what I have written on Facebook. Bubli said that she will take legal action.

But remember, no one is above the law, and God is the one who sees everything. I will take action soon. Pray for me.

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