BJP leaders are speaking, people from the audience mic service


West Bengal Trinamool Congress MP actress Nusrat Jahan shared a picture on Twitter. As can be seen in the shared image,

A BJP leader is speaking on the stage. Many more leaders by his side. But they are not meant to be addressed. The chairs are empty. Only one spectator in the whole field. Another is next to the stage. He's the guy in the mic service.

This video has gone viral in West Bengal. Nusrat Jahan shared this scene targeting the Gerua camp. In the caption of the photo, the popular actress wrote, ‘Yeh BJP for Bengal Hai. Yeh unki jansabha hai. Aur inha inki paori ho rahi hai. '

The reason for writing captions in Hindi is that most BJP people are Hindi speaking people. A few days ago, in a video of Pakistani model Danani, she uttered ‘Paori’ to the party in a very foreign accent and said, ‘This is me. This is my car. And the party is going on here. '

The 'power version' is all the rage to add a 'fun element' to the YouTube video of Yashraj's face overnight.

The ruling party's tool to attract the attention of the youth is the new 'power version'. Just as the Left has been campaigning for the February 28 brigade meeting for Tumpa Sona.

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