I have to proceed like me


Actress Mahiya Mahi. She married Parvez Mahmud Apu in 2016. In the meantime, a few years have passed since the marriage.

There were various rumors about their marriage. However, ignoring all the rumors, Mahi-Apu is making a great family. Mahir is asked if the love for Apu is the same as before, or has decreased or increased? In reply, the actress said, there is no love at all.

However, there is much more maya. he is like my friend now. Love is not felt. This glamor girl also talked about her colleagues.

She commented that it is very beautiful to see the bride. His comment, looking at the bride sometimes seems, so beautiful, but why is she so crazy? If she was a little serious, we wouldn't care. Besides, our Nusrat Faria is also very joss.

I can't be like them, I have to be like them. I can't copy them, so I compete with myself.

The actress further said, “I actually want to take myself forward by watching my own movies.

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