Dependence on foreign workers is increasing as the education system is not up-to-date: Education Minister


Dr. Dipu Moni said, ‘Universities need to be more focused on creating skilled manpower suitable for the industry, not just degrees.

As the current education system is not up-to-date, the dependence on foreign workers is increasing. For this, the existing cooperation between the industrial establishments and the university has to be bridged and the joint cooperation has to be enhanced.

The webinar was organized by the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

As we are a populous country, we have to think about sending workers abroad. The vision of 2041 has to be shared by all. In fact, we are not able to make the students suitable for the job.

Garment industry owners are frustrated that mid- and senior-level workers are being brought in from neighboring countries.

Lots of foreign currency is going out here. But there is no shortage of BBA, EMA degree holders. So why this crisis? ’, She asked. The minister said,“ In fact, we have not paid proper attention to this. Teachers think that industries are only thinking of profit.

And the industrialists think that the conventional education system is outdated. Educators are not aware of the demands of the present age and modern technology.

None is right, everyone is futuristic. The distance between the two should be bridged. The keynote paper was presented on the webinar by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Daffodil International University. Md. Eat patiently.

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