'I am the leader of Bangladesh' with Bubli


Actress Bubli was not in the film for almost a year. During this time many interesting news about him were also published. Many say she is going to be a mother! That's why she was away.

But Bubli has already returned to the film by blowing up the buzz. She has recently signed on for a film titled ‘Eyes’, where his protagonists are silent and bright.

This time we got new news. After a long time, Bubli is returning as Shakib Khan's heroine. At the beginning of his career, Bubli teamed up with Shakib Khan and gave him some business successful pictures. At that time, there were rumors about Shakib-Bubli's relationship.

But this time Shakib is returning with a new picture with Bubli. The name of the movie is 'Leader I am Bangladesh'.

Tapu Khan is going to direct a movie with them for the first time. Who has created dramas, TVC, OVC, web series before. The film is being produced by Bengal Multimedia (RTV).

Shakib Khan said, the movie will be in a completely new concept. Where every person gets inspiration from. Photo planning is timely.

Bengal Multimedia is going to produce the movie so well, thanks to the authorities. It is learned that the shooting of the movie 'Leader I am Bangladesh' will start from March 20.

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