I want to fill the gap, Mahiya Mahi


Popular actress Mahiya Mahi is in rhythm. One new movie after another is being contracted and shooting continues. Naturally, this heroine is having a very busy time.

At the beginning of the year, Mahi acted in the movie 'Live' directed by Shamim Ahmed Rani. Simon Sadiq is opposite him.

Then she also acted in Shaheen Sumon's movie 'Gangster'. Currently, the actress is busy with the movie 'Yao Pakhi Balo Tare' directed by Mostafizur Rahman Manik. The shooting is going on in Bogra. Azad Adar and Shipon Mitra are opposite Mahir in this movie with a rural background in the story of love triangle.

Mahi will be there for the shooting till the 24th of this month. After that he will take part in the filming of Shamim Ahmed Rony's 'Narsundari'. All in all, Mahi is on a continuous shooting schedule. Mentioning that she is enjoying this busy schedule, Mahi said, in fact, it feels good to be at work.

Last year I went backwards for various reasons including Corona. Now I want to fill that gap. Although it is difficult for him, I have taken the work in hand. And the audience expects a lot from me. They cannot be disappointed. There is a place of responsibility.

Mahi also said that she is interested not only in movies, but also in good story web series. About the plan ahead, Mahi said, the goal is to work on a good story movie.

I want to prioritize my choice in the selection of pictures and keep the continuity of work as before.

The latest Mahi starrer 'Nawab LLB' has been released. It was released on the online platform.

In it, she was seen opposite the country's top hero superstar Shakib Khan.

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