In the first episode, there is Jamak, Purnima on Desh TV


Purnima became very popular in 2018 by presenting this celebrity show aired on RTV called 'And Purnima' with the stars on television.

Two years after the show, the once popular actress Purnima is going to present another show.

The name is 'full Purnima light'. It will be aired on Desh TV. The difference with the previous program is that this time the stars of the acting world as well as the famous people of politics and playground will also be the guests of Purnima.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Entertainment, Politics, Sports and more. However, there is splendor in the first episode. In this episode, heroes Ferdous and Riaz will be with Purnima.

They will introduce the two presenters Purnima to the fans. There will be a chat for three people. The main event will start from the second episode. On the occasion of the ceremony, an agreement was signed between Desh TV and the sponsoring organization at a restaurant in Karwan Bazar of the capital on Tuesday.

Desh TV director Tariq Sujat and actress Purnima were present at the time. The agreement sets a goal of producing 52 episodes of the show.

Which will be aired on country TV from March 6. It will be broadcast every Saturday evening at 7:45 p.m.

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