India and China are sitting in political dialogue


After the withdrawal of troops from East Ladakh, India and China are now engaged in political dialogue. The dialogue will be led by India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The two special envoys will discuss in detail the settlement of border disputes between the two neighboring countries. Did.

Experts say India has made it clear that it is willing to create a positive environment for talks to resolve disputes over the Line of Control (LoC). A senior official said China had shown a positive attitude by withdrawing troops from Pangong Lake.

The two countries can resolve border disputes through talks. Dialogue makes no sense if China uses force. However, the two countries can resolve the dispute through mutual understanding. In June last year, fighting broke out between Indian and Chinese forces at several places in Galwan in eastern Ladakh.

Many soldiers of the two countries were killed in that clash. Although the conflict between the two countries stopped, there were allegations of violation of the Line of Control from both sides. Since then, the two countries have increased their military presence along the Line of Control. After a long eight-month agreement, the two countries withdrew their troops from Pangong Lake.

Meanwhile, an India-China Army Commander level meeting was held on Saturday. At the meeting, New Delhi demanded the withdrawal of troops from Depsang, Gogra and hot springs in Ladakh.

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