Jaya Ahsan in the role of a village girl


Jaya Ahsan is acting in parallel in both Bengali movies. She started 2021 Salta with Kolkata movies. She is currently busy shooting for the movie 'OCD' directed by Saukarya Ghoshal. This heroine has worked with ease once before. He made the movie 'Bhootpari' with Jaya, which has not been released yet. The new film is about the problems and crises of children.

She has also signed a new Kolkata film a few days ago. The name is 'Chalchitra', which will be based on a short story written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, a time-honored fiction writer. The director is Chitra Vanu Basu.

Jaya is in the role of a village girl. It will be released on the new OTT platform 'Hippix'. There are several more movies ahead. Jaira will be busy with new movies throughout the year. Meanwhile, the film 'Devi', starring and produced by Jaya, was screened at the Nandane Utsav in Kolkata last Sunday. Kolkata viewers got a chance to see the film for the first time.

This heroine is quite happy about the matter. Also at the end of last year, Jaya Ahsan was selected as the best actress at the Madrid Festival. She won the award for Best Actress in a Foreign Language Film at the Madrid International Film Festival in Spain.

She got this recognition for his performance in the Bengali movie 'Rabibar' in West Bengal, India. And the new year has begun with the selection of Best Performance of the Year (Movie) in the eyes of the popular Indian streaming platform Heechee. This recognition has come to Jaira's house for her extraordinary performances in 'Kantha' and 'Rabibar'.

Jaya said, "I have been trying to act in good films from the beginning." Challenging character is my target in this case. Because conventional work doesn’t pull me. Now I am taking some challenging pictures. After the release, the viewers will understand when they see it.

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