Marketed as a corona vaccine filled with saline and mineral water


Exciting information about corona vaccine. A ring has swindled billions of rupees by selling adulterated vaccines in China.

The main culprit of the whole fraud has been arrested by the security forces. More shocking information came to light after his arrest. Before making your own vaccine, do some research on real vaccine packaging design. Later, he made doses of more than 58,000 fake tickers. Kong also smuggled a consignment of those tickers abroad.

But it was not known where the consignment was sent. Earlier, police arrested 69 more people in similar incidents.

More than 20 lawsuits have been filed against the detainees. Court sources said Kong and his team marketed the syringe bottles as saline and mineral water-filled vaccines in August last year.

In this way, they embezzled more than 2.7 million dollars. In November last year, 600 doses of counterfeit ticker were shipped to Hong Kong.

These counterfeit vaccines were sold using the internal manufacturers' internal channels. The vaccines are sold at higher prices in different hospitals.

Some more criminals go from house to house in rural areas and provide fake vaccines.

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