Mehzabin Chowdhury is at the top of popularity and busyness


Popular small screen actress Mehjabin Chowdhury. In the last few years he has been at the top of popularity and engagement.

She is working regularly against almost all contemporary actors. His drama means a different surprise to the audience. Especially in recent times this glamor girl is breaking herself into different characters. She is not limited to just glamorous characters.

His drama is also ahead in the race of views on YouTube. Mehzabin is the first actress in Bangladesh whose drama has crossed the crore view mark on YouTube. She recorded this through Mizanur Rahman Aryan's 'Big Boy'.

In it, she acted opposite popular actor Apurba. The play was released on YouTube in 2017. Meanwhile, this actress has another record. Her play 'Viral Girl' has recently been released on YouTube.

This drama has 1 million views in one day. It was built by Kajal Arefin Ami. The play is based on the slogan 'She No to Online Harassment'. Although it is a serious story, the drama is discussed quickly. The actress expressed her gratitude to the audience for this.

Mehjabin tied the knot with Manoj Pramanik. Not only that, Mehjabin's other plays are also ahead of others in the race of views.

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