Mia Khalifa next to the farmers


This time Mia Khalifa opened her mouth in support of the peasant movement. The former pornstar stood by the farmers by sharing pictures of the movement.

Mia tweeted twice in a row in support of the peasant movement. Mia questioned why the internet connection was cut off in the vicinity of New Delhi to stop the peasant movement.

Besides, Mia also expressed her displeasure that those who are protesting are not acting for money. As a result, the one-time pornstar tweeted that he is always by the side of the farmers in this movement.

Richa Chadda stood by Rihanna and Greta as Kangana rallied against the peasant movement.

From Richa Chadda to Diljit Dosanj and Shivani Dandekar, Greta thanked the greas for standing by the peasant movement. Former porn star Mia Khalifa tweeted one step further.

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