Narendra Modi and Joe Biden have spoken on the telephone


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to President Joe Biden on the phone for the first time since he officially took office. Modi himself tweeted about the matter after a long phone conversation. On Monday night, Narendra Modi tweeted that internal issues and some important issues for the two countries were discussed. Donald Trump's relations with India, especially with Narendra Modi, were very good. Opposing China, Trump has broadened ties with India. Democrat Biden is expected by some experts to improve relations with China.

In this case, many think that Biden will not give the importance that Trump has given to India. However, the Modi-Biden words on Monday did not match that hint. The two leaders had a long discussion on the Indo-Pacific region. Trump expressed concern over China's power in the Indo-Pacific region. The United States had formed an alliance with India, Japan and Australia to reduce China's power there. It is learned that the two leaders also discussed the issue in the phone conversation.

At the same time, the recent issue of Myanmar has also come up in their long discussions. Narendra Modi wrote in his tweet that both the countries will be vocal in defending the 'Rule Based International Order'. Many feel that the issue of Myanmar has been implicitly mentioned here. However, the United States has said that the two heads of state have discussed Myanmar. Donald Trump was virtually indifferent to the environment and climate.

He also removed the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. As soon as Biden arrives, he goes back to the climate deal. The two leaders also talked about climate and environment in today's discussion. They have decided that the two countries will work together to protect the global environment. However, Biden did not ask Modi any questions about India's internal affairs, the statement from the two countries has not yet matched any information. The question arises in the wake of the BJP's reaction to Mina Harris, the niece of Kamala Harris, who is close to US Vice President and Biden. Mina supported the peasant movement. Due to which the workers of Gerua camp have burnt his picture in public.

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