Preparations are underway to send another 1,500 Rohingyas from Cox's Bazar to Chittagong today


In the fourth phase, another 2,012 Rohingyas left for Bhasanchar. On Monday morning, they left Chittagong Boat Club in five navy ships for Bhasanchar. The Rohingyas started boarding the navy ships from 6 am.

Navy ships left for Bhasanchar at around 9.40 am. Navy officials confirmed the matter. The Rohingyas reached Chittagong by bus from Cox's Bazar on Sunday to shift to Bhasanchar in Noakhali.

Today, preparations are underway to send another 1,500 people from Cox's Bazar to Chittagong. In three phases, 6,688 Rohingyas from different camps in Cox's Bazar were transferred to Bhasanchar. The government also took 306 Rohingyas back to Bhasanchar in May after failing to reach Malaysia by sea illegally. They are also there.

More than 11 lakh Rohingyas are now living in Cox's Bazar camps, including those who took refuge earlier.

Infrastructure has been built in 120 cluster villages suitable for one lakh Rohingyas. The Bangladesh Navy is responsible for the implementation and management of the entire housing project in Bhasanchar.

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