Shahnaz had planned to dismember Sajib's body a few more times


Sajib had a relationship with 10 other girls. He also looked down on my college-going daughter. I used to spend money on other girls. Shahnaz Parveen said this while interrogating the police in the incident of cutting the body into five pieces after stabbing his lover Sajib to death.

She had an immoral relationship with Sajib. Shahnaz also gave a confessional statement under section 164 in court on Friday. This information has been known from the investigation-related sources. Shahnaz further testified that he had planned to dismember Sajib's body a few more times. Although she left her husband's family and surrendered to her boyfriend Sajib Hasan, she could not gain his trust. Sajib used to look at him with disbelief. Shahnaz was kept locked in the house when he went out.

Police also recovered the mutilated body of 33-year-old Sajib Hasan from the fourth floor of a house in the capital's Wari Swamibagh on Thursday afternoon. Three pieces of the body were on the floor of the house and two pieces were on the toilet. Shahnaz Parveen, 42, was arrested from the side of the body on the floor. However, on the basis of her husband's general diary (GD), the police went to the house to look for Shahnaz.

Besides, Shahnaz's husband also called the police and informed about his wife's whereabouts. Shahnaz called her husband and pleaded to save him. He also said, 'I saved your family. Now save me. After that, Shahnaz's husband informed the police about the matter. Earlier on Monday evening, she left her husband's house with gold ornaments, money and clothes.

Khalu Nazrul Islam filed a case against Shahnaz Parveen on Thursday night, alleging that her husband Shahnaz was missing. He was sent to the court yesterday in the case. An official involved in the investigation of the case said that Shahnaz has voluntarily given a confessional statement in the court admitting the responsibility of the murder. In her deposition, she said, she left her husband's family in love with Sajib.

Last Monday, she left her husband's house and went to Sajib's house. But Sajib did not have faith in him. He was not allowed out of the house from Monday evening until his arrest on Friday. Whenever Sajib went out, he would lock him inside and lock him from outside. Sajib had an affair with more than one girl. He also had a grudge against Shahnaz's daughter.

Besides, Sajib was greedy in nature. She was also pressured to sell her gold ornaments and take the money brought from her husband's house. The two had an argument on Thursday morning over not paying. At one point Sajib tried to kill him with a knife. Shahnaz snatched the knife and hit Sajib at random.

After Sajib's death, Shahnaz soaked his bloody maxi and bed sheets in water. He further said that when he fell in love with Sajib five years ago, he rented a room on the four floors of KM Das Lane as husband and wife. However, he did not stay in the house at night. He used to go occasionally during the day.

That is why the neighbors knew her as Sajib's wife. Sajib was the counter staff of Shyamoli Paribahan in Sayedabad. His village home is Narayankandi of Harinakundu police station in Jhenaidah. Nazrul Islam, the plaintiff in the case, said Sajib had his first wife in the village.

They also knew Shahnaz as Sajib's second wife. Meanwhile, Sajib's body was autopsied at Sir Salimullah Medical College morgue on Thursday.

In the afternoon, the relatives left for Jhenaidah with their bodies. A police official said that Shahnaz had no remorse after the brutal murder. She is a tough-minded woman.

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