Sravanti wants to delete any chapter


Popular Kolkata actress Sravanti Chatterjee's family is breaking up. She and her husband Roshan Singh have been making headlines for the past few months.

Sravanti, however, did not speak directly about the matter. However, she gave various indications. Meanwhile, Sravanti and Roshan have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Sravanti recently posted a picture of her on Instagram. It is seen that the actress is sitting upset. And the caption reads, ‘No one is right, and that’s why the eraser is next to the pencil.

After this post, many people have asked, what does Sravanti want to delete? What did he indicate? Which chapter of life does she want to delete? Many are saying- Sravanti has made this post by pointing to Roshan!

Maybe the heroine wants to erase those memories of her personal life. Sravanti got married to Roshan for the third time in 2019. On April 19 last year, she secretly tied the knot with her boyfriend Roshan Singh.

But after a year and a half of marriage, the disagreement between the two became extreme. Which is why the two are separated. Maybe the announcement of a formal divorce will come soon.

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