Tanjin Tisha dispute


Tanjin Tisha is a busy actress in the drama. The actress was able to occupy a place of credibility with the producers as well as Mehzabin. Due to which, Tisha was acting in one drama after another in association with the top actor of TV.

The actress was also quite ahead in terms of success and popularity. But for the last few months, Tisha has not been available as before. The question also arises in the minds of the viewers as to why she is not available despite being a successful actress in the current trend of drama.

Because he was regularly seen acting with the top two actors in this trend. But suddenly what happened! Rumor has it that Tisha has fallen into the hands of the syndicate.

And Tishar has made a dispute with them. As a result, Tisha is being excluded from the drama.

Because of these actors, the producers-directors are not choosing Tisha for those plays.

However, even though the people concerned did not say anything about this rumor of the syndicate, the matter is being studied in Natakpara. Many also think that the issue is not logical.

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