The situation is completely out of Jacqueline's control


The stars are always aware of their outfits. Their attire also varies according to the occasion. She also does makeup accordingly.

She also keeps in mind the issue of comfort with modernity. But in spite of that they have to face problems from time to time. Sometimes it's time to walk on the competition stage, sometimes it's time to take pictures in front of journalists! There are many examples of problems with clothes.

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez had such a bad experience. She once got into a lot of trouble with his clothes. In front of everyone, her clothes were taken off from behind! On one occasion, Jacqueline went in a short black dress.

All the cameras focused on him as soon as he appeared on the show. She also got busy taking pictures. And just then his shirt suddenly took off.

The back of the shirt was completely chained. That suddenly opens. The situation went completely out of Jacqueline's control.

Sonam Kapoor was nearby in this situation. She is known as a good friend of Jacqueline.

Anticipating the situation, she went to Jacqueline and fixed her clothes with a safety pin.

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