The thumbs up by announcing the repeal of the Digital Security Act: Student Federation


The Bangladesh Students Federation has demanded the repeal of the Digital Security Act and the police attack on the torchlight procession of leftist student organizations in protest of the death of author Mushtaq Ahmed. The leaders of the federation made these demands at a protest rally organized in front of the Raju sculpture of Dhaka University at 11:15 am on Saturday.

At the rally, the organization announced the repeal of the Digital Security Act on behalf of the people. Demonstrators pointed the finger at the law, calling it "sophisticated and restraining". The rally was conducted by Central General Secretary of the Federation Zahid Sujan and presided over by President Golam Mostafa.

Zahid Sujan said more than 50 leaders and activists of various organizations were injured in the police attack on Friday. Police have lodged nine complaints in the name of seven people.

This is an attempt to stifle the voice and violate the constitution. He warned that the police of Shahbagh police station would be responsible for any kind of situation if the detainees were not released by evening.

We will protest in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Dhaka. Our movement will continue till this law is repealed. From the rally, on the initiative of all progressive student organizations, a protest program was announced on March 1 towards the Ministry of Home Affairs and across the country and on March 3 towards the Prime Minister's Office. TSC) The leaders and workers of the organization took out a protest procession from the front.

As the procession headed towards Shahbag, the police tried to stop them in front of the National Library. After a brief altercation, the police gave way and the leaders and activists of the federation returned to Shahbagh and held a brief rally at TSC. Police clashed with leaders and activists of leftist student organizations in Shahbag on Friday evening while they were holding a torch procession.

It injured 30-40 leaders and activists of leftist organizations and arrested seven others. The student federation staged a protest on Saturday morning in protest of the police attack.

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