US President Joe Biden's offensive speech


America wants world domination. Russia's aggression through diplomacy, China's tendency to affect the US economy, they want to rush this time.

New US President Joe Biden made an aggressive statement in his first speech at the US Department of the Interior. "America is back," he said in a message to countries around the world. In other words, America is returning to the old mood.

Biden spoke to Interior Ministry staff for the first time since becoming president on Thursday. He made this announcement there.

The message is clear. The "deterioration" of the United States under former President Donald Trump over the past four years must be compensated. How? The first two steps are ready for Biden to address this. First, Russia cannot be tolerated. President Vladimir Putin's aggressive policy must be abandoned. Second, the way China is trying to influence the US economy, the way it has violated human rights in various fields, must be held accountable to the United States.

Biden spoke at 2:45 a.m. Thursday at the Harry S. Truman Building, the headquarters of the U.S. Department of the Interior in Washington. There he first clarified his anti-Russian stance.

Referring to Alexei Navalny, Russia's main opposition leader, Biden said: "The United States has said nothing about President Putin's inhumane treatment. But it will not be allowed to continue. The matter has been discussed with Putin. 

I have made it very clear to President Putin. But not in the style of my predecessor. I told him that the days of matching 'yes' to 'yes' in Russia were over. Their interference in the US elections, cyber attacks on America will no longer be accepted by America. Even inhumane treatment of Russian citizens, incidents of poisoning of citizens will not be accepted. In that case, the United States would not even think of taking action against Russia.

Russia's anti-Putin leader Alexei Navalny has been accused of poisoning the United States. After a long period of treatment, the Kremlin re-arrested Navalny. The Putin administration also arrested protesters demanding the release of Navalny. In his speech, Biden made it clear that the United States would not accept any of this.

Biden also gave a strong message about China in his speech. "The United States will work with Beijing," he said. But only when America needs it. Before that, China will have to answer to the United States. The US economy, intellectual property and human rights abuses must be answered. China must be held accountable for the damage it has done to the US job market and trade.

The "America First" policy was in place during the Trump era. Biden's words are clear, and the Biden administration will not follow the "America first" policy. This time the policy of 'America first' will continue. "You're at the center of what I'm going to do," Biden said. We have to reach the center of world power.

U.S. diplomats have lost interest in Trump's policies. Encouraging them, Biden said, "The country's diplomacy will return to normal. So now get up and read. America must return to its old place.

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