What happened to Mimi?


MP actress Mimi Chakraborty is mentally broken. But she has to fight. She also appealed to the fans to stay by his side in his fight.

The actress recently shared her mental state on her Instagram profile. What happened to Mimi? That question belongs to everyone.

A few days ago, Mimi was seen posting pictures of various happy moments while visiting Goa. She also enjoyed hanging out with friends there.

After that, the fans of Manvar also saw such a sad post. Mimi wrote, "Friends, I am torn apart, devastated." I can't breathe.

I need your help to fight this. By now you must have known who the child is? My eldest son is Chiku, and an eight-year-old Labrador. She is suffering from cancer. Which has now spread.

Doctors here have given up and said no surgery is possible. I want to go to Chennai. Can anyone help me? Then reply in the inbox.

Mimi knows very well how much she loves her pets. She loves two pets Chiku and Max with childish affection.

And so Mimi is broken by the illness of her eldest son Chiku. She also said that she will try her best to cure Chiku.

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