Without thinking, Kangana wrote whatever she wanted on Twitter


Kangana is a person who will comment on everything. writes on Twitter whatever he wants without thinking.

She has posted like crazy since Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide. Ever shared a video from Mahesh Bhatt to Karan Johar.

She has made almost everyone a murderer. Now she has started with the peasant movement. She is filling Twitter with various insults and comments. Sometimes Tapsi is abusing Pannu by calling her 'mother'. Sometimes US pop star Rihanna has supported the peasant movement and never stopped calling Rihanna a 'porn star'.

Kangana is getting angry whenever someone supports her. And so Twitter took action this time. Authorities have been keeping a close eye on Kangna's Twitter account for some time. Twitter has deleted many of Kangana's tweets accusing her of spreading communal violence.

The situation in the country is very sensitive now. In this situation, if anyone tries to spread violence, action must be taken.

A few days ago, Kangana made happy comments about Tablighi Jamaat. Moreover, a few days ago, when the controversy over Saif Ali Khan's 'Tandab' was raging, he did not remain silent.

She also poured ghee on the fire by commenting on that fire. And from this time the eye is on Kangana.

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