Gold can be found by digging the soil in Congo



The 'Golden Mountain' has been found in Congo. Gold can be found by digging the soil there, so the Congolese people of 8 to 80 met by digging out the gold from that hill! It is known that there are gold elements in those mountains of Congo.

In the rocky soils of the mountains, about 60 to 90 percent of the ore is gold. This is the demand that surrounds the famous mountain in Congo. The mountain is in the province of South Kivu. The hill was reported in the Luhihi area in late February.

Thousands of people are rushing there when they hear that gold is being found. Everyone is digging for gold in groups. A recent video has shown that there are a lot of people around the mountain. He has taken what he has got to dig the rocky soil of that mountain of Luhihi to find gold. Some are collecting mountain soil with empty hands.

The video also shows the villagers washing the gold in a pot of water to separate it from the rocky soil of the hill. In this way, gold is coming up in the palm of one's hand! Meanwhile, the local administration has banned mining in the area since last Monday.

South Kivu's Minister of Mines Benanta Burume Muhigirwa said the hill, about 50 kilometers from the provincial capital, Bukabu, had no place to store sesame seeds.

That ban will remain in place until further notice.

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