All the news of Swarna cheating is published one by one


Model and actress Romana Islam Swarna, 41, has been charged with several other offenses since her arrest.

According to the police, model Swarna blackmailed and married a Saudi expatriate businessman named Kamrul Hasan (45).

After the arrest of her husband in the case, all the news of Swarna's cheating started coming out one by one. Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Tejgaon Division of Police Mohammad Harun Aur Rashid said that Swarna has been arrested on the basis of specific allegations.

The gang has been arrested for embezzling hard-earned money from expatriates. Since then, there have been reports of more gold scams. Swarna was arrested from a house in Lalmatia D-Block on Thursday evening.

Earlier, Romana had two more marriages, said her ex-husband Kamrul. Investigative sources said that two more names came out of Romana's family with this cycle.

One Rizvi and Sihab are said to have collaborated with Romana Swarna in various ways. However, their identities could not be confirmed.

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