If don't wear a mask, if don't follow the hygiene rules - will be fined as before


In the face of increasing coronavirus infection in the country, the government is being strict as before to make the public obey the hygiene rules. Health Minister Zahid Malek gave the message while talking to reporters after a meeting at the secretariat on Monday. He said most people are not following the health rules.

So there is no alternative but to be strict. The mobile court will sit again to ensure that people comply with the hygiene rules. If you don't wear a mask, if you don't follow the hygiene rules, you will be fined as before. Zahid Malek said that he has already sent a letter to the district level with some instructions in this regard.

If you do not use the mask, the mobile court will fine you. Strictly implement the No Mask, No Service program. In response to a question from reporters about the opening of the educational institution, the health minister said the education ministry would take a decision after discussing the matter with the prime minister.

If the infection continues to grow, there will be no risk of opening educational institutions. The matter may also be discussed with the National Committee on Corona. At this time, Secretary of the Department of Health Services Abdul Mannan, Secretary of the Department of Health Education and Family Welfare Ali Noor, Director General of the Department of Health Prof. Dr. Senior officials including ABM Khurshid Alam were present.

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