The infection will increase, the way the program is going on: Health Minister


Health Minister Zahid Malek said, "If we don't wear masks and maintain social distance, the infection will increase. Then again the way people are going to Cox's Bazar, the way they are going to Sylhet, the way social events are going on, there is no problem of wearing mask, there is no problem of social distance, the infection will increase. "We have to be vigilant again," he said.

Corona did not leave. We will all know when Corona leaves. Not only Bangladesh, Bangladesh will be safe if it is away from the whole world. Therefore, one should not think that one dose of vaccine is tax free. Vaccination will not be tax-free.

After taking the second dose, it will take time for protection to be created. Corona protection will not be created before taking the second dose, 'he said. The government is ready to deal with corona across the country, the minister said, adding that the health department is working to bring 80 per cent of the country's people under vaccination. The third consignment of vaccines bought from Serum will arrive this month.

In addition, one crore and nine lakh doses of Covax vaccine is expected to arrive in phases by June. Zahid Malek said that more than 53 lakh registrations have been registered for the vaccine. More than 41 lakh people have been vaccinated. One dose of tick is given to one person.

As such, it will be possible to vaccinate 10 million people with 20 million doses. No incident took place anywhere. The health minister said the vaccines that the government is giving now and what it will give in the future will be completely free. He added that the educational institution is ready to open on March 30.

Earlier, teachers, staff and students of schools, colleges and universities would be vaccinated. The age limit of 40 has been fixed and 40 million people in the country will have to be vaccinated, he said. I want to maintain this good.

If we get more vaccines, if all the schedules are right, then maybe we can think about age.

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